HTML to Tumblr If you have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS coding, jumping into the HTML to Tumblr theme proces is very easy. Basically, a Tumblr theme is a single HTML page with all the different post scenarios bundled together.  Tumblr is designed to be incredibly easy to use, allowing you to freely customize your Tumblr themes, from colors, to your theme‘s HTML.

Creating your own unique Tumblr theme is almost the same how you create a custom theme for other blogging platforms such as Blogger or WordPress. Tumblr permit their user to build their own unique Tumblr theme with the use of HTML and CSS code. However, the difference in building your own Tumblr theme stands only in the loop code.

Here are some genuinely useful articles to read if you are looking to jump into the basics of HTML to create your own unique custom Tumblr theme.

A Complete Guide to Tumblr

HTML to Tumblr

"While Tumblr makes it easy to customize the HTML and CSS of almost any theme, you may want to start from scratch. If you’ve ever created a theme for another blogging platform or CMS, creating a Tumblr theme won’t be any more difficult. Even if you haven’t created a theme for another CMS, creating a Tumblr theme isn’t much more difficult than creating a standard HTML template".

Getting Started with Tumblr & Custom Theme Design

HTML to Tumblr

"For those confident with their HTML and CSS skills, there’s the option of building a custom theme from scratch. If you’re used to developing for WordPress, the process is pretty similar. You insert special tags in the HTML code to add the advanced functionality to the site. Tumblr isn’t quite as advanced as WordPress, which means learning your way around theme files is much easier".

How to Create a Tumblr Theme (Code Structure)

HTML to Tumblr

"Before we get stuck into the Tumblr code itself, you need to first know what a Tumblr theme looks like. Gone are the gazillion template files of other CMS’s; Tumblr uses one and only one. A single page of HTML, with the CSS and scripts in the head of the file is all you’ll need".

Things to Know About Custom Tumblr Theme Design

HTML to Tumblr

"Most Tumblr users will probably not know HTML and CSS like you do. If you plan on developing a theme to release to the general community, it’s a good idea to make as much of the theme controllable from the customize menu as possible. The default code editor is not the most elegantly designed, and it’s definitely not something users should have to change font colors from".

Introduction to Developing a Custom Tumblr Blog Theme

HTML to Tumblr

“Any Tumblr theme is simply a single page of HTML code with conditional case variables in-between. This basically means all of the page views are separated by case variables in one long document”.

In-Depth Review of Tumblr’s Custom Theming Ability

HTML to Tumblr

You’ll probably want to create your own theme only if you’re good at writing HTML by hand. If you use Dreamweaver or another WYSIWIG editor, this might not be for you. Tumblr uses two operators to render specific types of content in your HTML, and you’ll need to familiarize yourself with both”.

Creating a Tumblr Theme

HTML to Tumblr

“At this moment, surely, you must have heard something about Tumblr, but in case you haven't, we can summarize by telling it's a platform for microblogging. We can publish texts, audio, photos, quotes, links etc in a very easy way”.

Tumblr Theme Tutorial

HTML to Tumblr

Tumblr has its own guide on how to make your own Tumblr theme. But if you’re not comfortable seeing a lot of codes and reading too much text, I’ll try to help you out with that. My codes are in image form so you can’t copy-paste them and make an instant layout. This has to be a learning process. BTW, you need to know a bit of HTML and CSS before you proceed with this”.

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