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HTML to Drupal: How to convert a HTML template into a Drupal theme

This HTML to Drupal tutorial is showing you how to convert a well-formed HTML template into a Drupal theme. This HTML to Drupal tutorial is an example for how new Drupal users could attack themeing in a lightweight way by using an HTML template as a starting point. The tutorial uses Drupal’s core default theme called Garland and mercilessly steals portions of theme code from it to paste into the correct places in the new HTML template.


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Create a Killer Drupal Theme: The HTML to Drupal Conversion

In this HTML to Drupal tutorial you will learn how to convert a HTML template in to a Drupal theme. In the last tutorial “Create a Killer Drupal Theme: Start Coding your Mockup in to HTML and CSS” you coded a PSD layout in to HTML and CSS template. In this tutorial you are going to turn that HTML into a Drupal Theme. This HTML to Drupal tutorial was kept basic to keep the scope narrow enough to cover in a tutorial.

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