Photoshop to HTML eBook from Rockable Press is certainly a must-read PSD to HTML eBook for those who want to learn how to slice and code like a pro. This PSD to HTML eBook  is very easy to understand and follow. Photoshop to HTML eBook guides you through the process of converting a PSD to HTML and CSS standard compliant website. As long as you have an elementary understanding of HTML and CSS, this PSD to HTML eBook delivers exactly what the title promises.

Photoshop to HTML eBook is for anyone who has an elementary understanding of HTML and CSS. You should be familiar with HTML tags and the most common CSS properties. Some of the topics covered in this PSD to HTML eBook are as follows:

  • Different methods for slicing a PSD.
  • Create semantic mark-up, and learn how this HTML relates to the original PSD.
  • How to utilize techniques, such as background replacement and sprite generation.
  • Use custom fonts with Cufon font replacement.
  • The differences between absolute and relative positioning.
  • How to compensate for the dreaded Internet Explorer 6.
  • Take advantage of advanced CSS3 features.
  • How to take advantage of a variety of helpful browser extensions to expedite your coding.
  • Utilize the jQuery library to add a touch of interactivity.

And there’s plenty more…

Photoshop to HTML eBook is packed with lots of extras. Buying this PSD to HTML eBook you also get a directory of Photoshop, HTML and CSS files for you to use as you work through the book and a series of 14 screencasts covering the whole PSD to HTML conversion from beginning to end.

If you’re undecided, you can download the sample pages (17 pages). But, don’t forget, Photoshop to HTML eBook it also comes with four hours of video training that covers the entire PSD to HTML book. So you have your choice: read or watch!

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