html to wordpress If you’re confident with your HTML and CSS coding skills, it should be very easy to step up for the challenge of converting an HTML to WordPress theme. Diving and exploring various pre-built HTML templates it’s a great way to learn a thing or two about the structure of web-sites.

Why HTML to WordPress conversion?

Because WordPress themes tend to get a lot of exposure and attention in the design community these days, or perhaps you stumble into beautiful free HTML templates while browsing on the net and really want to use it for your WordPress based website.

Whatever the reason, converting an HTML to WordPress is always fun. However, learning takes time, patience and lots of practice, but don’t forget learning is part of the fun so enjoy it. In this post, we’ll showcase 10 absolutely free HTML templates for you to explore and learn. That being said, fire up your text editor and star practice that HTML to WordPress conversion!

Please notice that these HTML templates are not arranged in any particular order so just scroll down and find the template that’s perfect for you. We have provided you the links for download, so you can easily go and use them in your HTML to WordPress project. Also be aware about license terms and agreements.

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CoolBlue Free HTML Template

CoolBlue is a free, clean, simple, yet attractive HTML template. The styles and layout is designed for blog sites which means that it can be easily ported to WordPress or other preferred blogging engine.

html to wordpress

Acallia Free HTML Template

html to wordpress

CreativeStudio Free HTML Template

CreativeStudio is a modern and free HTML template that can be used for your personal and client work to make a beautiful website! We hope that you’ll like it and will also enjoy it! Be careful reading the licensing file that is stored along with all the template’s files.

html to wordpress

Pixel This Free HTML Template

Pixel This is a free and simple corporate HTML template ready to meet wide range of requirements for effective on line performance. The design can be easily implemented in many open source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

html to wordpress

HoneyThemes Free HTML Template

HoneyThemes, as the name implies, it’s something to do with themes which is actually a XHTML/CSS template suitable for any online theme business and has all the requirements and features of a typical theme shop.

html to wordpress

Minimal Free HTML Template

Minimal is a free HTML template, extremely versatile and simple to personalize. The template is optimized for a portfolio but is easily adaptable to any business or individual who’d like to put their products or services on the web.

html to wordpress

Simple Free HTML Template

html to wordpress

Industrial Service Free HTML Template

html to wordpress

Simple Organization Free HTML Template

Simple Organization is a simple and elegant free HTML template suitable for organizations. Also, includes several different layout variations.

html to wordpress

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