Converting the design to a live functioning website or PSD to HTML conversion, in other words, is one thing. But what if after investing so much, your website is not attracting the potential buyers or clients? All hard work and money gone! Don’t let it happen with you.

Always search extensively when you hire a PSD to HTML conversion service providers, who must be very reliable and have vast knowledge of the latest tools and techniques. Converting the PSD to HTML was the main step you are over with followed by the next step, which is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Getting your website optimized for Google and other major search engines will definitely fetch relevant traffic towards your website. The other benefits of optimizing the website include checking of broken links, wrong navigations, right keywords inserted in order to target a right kind of audience or visitors, and much more.

Some important considerations are:

If a layman wishes to search for generic keywords like flowers, then your website should be on top in Google rankings or on first page at least. Keywords should revolve around company’s products & services or part of the world where the website is to be launched mainly while targeting other parts of the globe too.

It is very vital to convert PSD to HTML in such a way that the outcome is search engine friendly, and that the “spiders” can crawl it without any barriers.

Submitting the website or let’s say website URL under relevant directories is another criteria for an online company to get noticed.

Generally it is seen that after converting the website from PSD to HTML and getting it optimized, owners of the website sit and relax thinking the job is done. But it is equally necessary to update your website with latest sale and discount period, free gift coupons, about fresh arrivals, or new products introduced, if any. This will help to have returning customers to your website.

Optimizing the website also means including a quality content after all, CONTENT IS THE KING.

The web designers are aware of including the Sitemap during convert PSD to HTML process. A sitemap in XML format is highly recommended.

Use heading tags in code. This facilitates bringing the primary and secondary keywords into limelight.

Last, but not the least, avoid using Flash, and bigger sized images.

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